Music is what moves us! It has the power to move you to the core and cut through life's fog like nothing else. It connects and invigorates, soothes and centers, brings laughter and tears. Music truly feeds the soul!

Through heart-centered, inspirational, and uplifting music, our music team, lead by Janene Cummings and supported by Terri Charles, Steve Mazepa, and our very own Unity Choir, get our legs movin', our hearts open, and our voices rising as we celebrate together on Sunday mornings.

Guest Musicians

Unity of Olympia has a long tradition of supporting local and national New Thought artists as well, bringing in guest musicians once a month. Some of our guests include David Roth, ChristineEss Young, John Stringer, Lauri Jones & Eric Montgomery, Sam Barnard, StoweGood, and so many others.

Unity Choir

Enjoy singing? Come join the Unity choir. This is for anyone that loves to sing - experience and music reading are not required. This choir is all about sharing heart and soul through song. The Unity Choir performs once a month on Sunday mornings. Bring your amazing spirit and musical talent and let's make a joyful noise - we have so much fun together! Contact Janene Cummings to learn more.