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A Positive Path

     for Spiritual Living

   Spiritual Social Action                   

Unity's 5th principle states that it is not enough to understand the spiritual teachings, we must take action. Listed here are some of the ways in which Unity of Olympia is furthering its mission and applying this principle through Spiritual Social Action. 

There are many ways you can support our spiritual community and help make it possible for us to support these and other charities. Donations of time, talents and treasure are all needed to help our community thrive. Contact our Unity Services Coordinator to learn more.

Unity Commons

There are several ways to help the homeless shelters operated by Interfaith Works:

  • Money donations through 
  • Donate supplies at Unity of Olympia in the lobby under the Interfaith Works bulletin board and we will deliver them:
    • twin bed blankets
    • towels
    • personal products like hotel soaps & shampoos
    • homemade cloth face masks
  • Monthly lunch program - we are still in full-swing with our monthly donations of lunch to Unity Commons, located at 161 Pattinson Street off Martin Way. Contact Cathy Evans to learn how you can contribute to this cause!

Unity in the Community

Here are some of the many ways in which we participate in, support and engage with our greater community. Please reach out to our office if you are interested in volunteering or learning more.

  • Thanksgiving food drive and Christmas gift donations for the Evergreen Vista community
  • Transitional housing for previously unhoused people
  • Thurston County Food Bank collection basket
  • Social Justice educational programs
  • Winter Solstice Spiral Walk
  • and much more...!

Abundant Sundays

We believe in an abundant universe and therefore we are a prosperous community. Part of being prosperous is the amazing gift of giving to our community. Whenever a month has five Sundays we give a gift to a charity organization above and beyond our full 10% tithe. We do this with great pleasure!

If you have a favorite non-profit that you’d like to see Unity of Olympia support, please send an email to Rev. Terry Murray and she’ll take your recommendation to the Finance Team. 

Friendly Water for the World

The mission of Friendly Water for the World is to expand access to low-cost clean water technologies and information about health and sanitation to people who lack these necessities for life. We provide opportunities to partner with individuals and communities working to improve living conditions around the world, and to learn from each other. In the past decade, more people around the world have died from waterborne illnesses than from all wars combined. The toll is greatest among children and families. Lack of access to clean water reduces community productivity, renders education efforts ineffective, and strains already inadequate health care resources. Facing constant sickness and threat, families cannot plan to improve their lives. They are disempowered. We hope you will join with us to support Friendly Water for the World!

Thurston County Food Project

Sharing Food. Building Community.

You want to help. We make it easy!

You are invited to join with us in partnering with the Thurston County Food Project to provide food for our community via donations for the Thurston County Food Bank. Green Bag Days are the first Sunday of every even month (February, April, June, August, October, and December). Bring a bag filled with food donations and we will take them to the Food Bank. Together, we can make a difference in our community! Questions? Email us here.

Upcoming Opportunities

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