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A Positive Path

     for Spiritual Living

   Prayer Team                           

The Unity of Olympia Prayer Team is a group of volunteers who:

    • Believe powerfully
    • Pray affirmatively
    • Keep all prayer requests confidential
    • Deepen our praying through regular study, meditation and practice
    • Help hold the high watch for Unity of Olympia, each other and ourselves

Members of the Prayer Team are available to pray with you by phone, email, through the Prayer Request Box or in person after the Sunday Service. Please click here to contact our Prayer Team.

How do I join the Prayer Team?

The Prayer Team always welcomes new members! Joining the Unity of Olympia Prayer Team is a great way to learn more about prayer, deepen your own practice, learn to pray with others, and be part of a loving team that helps support our community.

Because of the sacred nature of this service, all Prayer Team Members must:

    • Be members of Unity of Olympia.
    • Pass a background check and have an interview with Rev. Terry.
    • Attend yearly training to continue to deepen our prayer practice.

Talk to anyone on the Prayer Team for more information, or email the office to request the Prayer Team Application, Background Check Form, and to schedule your interview with Rev. Terry.

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