Prayer Requests

Unity affirms the power of prayer and meditation to help people experience a stronger connection with God, and to enhance spiritual understanding.

We especially focus on affirmative prayer, the highest form of creative thought, which includes releasing counterproductive, negative thoughts, and holding in mind statements of spiritual truth. Through meditation, we experience the presence of God. Prayer and meditation heighten our awareness and thereby transform our lives.

Call for prayer: 1.800.NOW.PRAY


Prayer Request: You may fill out the form below, or you may submit a written prayer request at Unity of Olympia. Forms are located in the prayer center in the sanctuary and in the lobby. Both the church and Silent Unity pray with all requests. All of our prayer work is treated with utmost confidentiality.


Centered in Christ consciousness and filled with faith, we hold sacred space for our community and invite Holy Spirit to enter our hearts and minds. We comfort, bring peace, compassion and joy to those who seek our prayers and offer meaningful experiences for others to deepen their prayer lives.


We are devoted to centering ourselves in Christ consciousness. We hold sacred space for our community on Sundays before, during and after the Sunday Celebration.


We invite Holy Spirit to enter our hearts and minds so that our prayers with members after the church service will be filled with comfort, peace, compassion and joy. We handle with tender care the prayers that we find in the prayer boxes each Sunday. God Bless You.




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