Our Prayer Team

What is the Unity of Olympia Prayer Team?

We are a group of volunteers who:

  • Believe powerfully
  • Pray affirmatively
  • Keep all prayer requests confidential
  • Deepen our praying through regular study, meditation and practice
  • Help hold the high watch for Unity of Olympia, each other and ourselves

How does it work?

People may ask us to pray with them by phone, by email, through the Prayer Request Box or after the Sunday Service in person. When this happens, we invite those dear ones wanting prayer to join with us. While there are many ways to pray, in Unity we pray affirmatively – instead of asking for or begging God for something, we affirm our Good is already here!

Why pray affirmatively? What does that mean?

In Unity, we believe God is the Source, in every person, situation and circumstance. Since there is no spot where God is not, we and everyone we join with in prayer is always connected to the Divine. We believe through this connection we co-create our experiences. We also believe God is always all good. Because of this, we pray not to change God, but to align our thinking and feeling nature with the Good that already exists and is available to us in each moment. Please click here for more on affirmative prayer.

What will happen if I ask the Prayer Team to pray with me?

We will listen to your prayer request, and we may ask you what you want to affirm in that situation (i.e., love, strength, prosperity, wholeness, etc.). We will pray with you affirmatively! And we may follow Unity’s Five-Step Prayer Process, which can be used in personal prayer, for meditation, or for praying with others.

Following the Five-Step Prayer Process:

  1. We relax into the moment and release all concern or fear about the person or situation.
  2. We concentrate on a Divine Idea. For example, if the person is having an experience of poor health, we affirm vitality, strength, life, and wholeness. If the person is having an experience of lack, we affirm affluence, supply, abundance.
  3. We meditate on this Divine Idea, seeing it as the truth of the person and situation.
  4. We realize the Truth of the situation, affirming and claiming that what we pray for is already occurring.
  5. We give thanks for answered prayer. And so it is!

How do I join the Prayer Team?

The Prayer Team always welcomes new members! Joining the Unity of Olympia Prayer Team is a great way to learn more about prayer, deepen your own practice, learn to pray with others, and be part of a loving team that helps support our community. And, because of the sacred nature of this service, all Prayer Team Members must:

  • Be members of Unity of Olympia.
  • Pass a background check and have an interview with Rev. Terry.
  • Attend yearly training to continue to deepen our prayer practice.

Want to get started?

Talk to anyone on the Prayer Team for more information, or email the office at office@unityofolympia.org to request the Prayer Team Application and Background Check Form, and to schedule your interview with Rev. Terry.