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Council Position Application/Nomination Forms


Reverend Terry Murray

Reverend Terry Murray has been serving as the minister at Unity of Olympia since the summer of 2012. Rev Terry is an inspirational speaker and a talented workshop facilitator, passionate about personal development through spiritual experience. She is a graduate of the Master of Divinity program through Unity Institute and holds a B.A. in psychology. She also has certificates in Peacemaking Skills, Compassionate Communication and is a certified Q-Coach for The Art and Practice of Living with Nothing and No One Against You. Rev Terry grew up in Federal Way and loves Olympia! Her personal statement is: “One with Spirit, I call others to join me as we claim lives of freedom and joy through personal development and spiritual experience.”

Council Members

Chair: Nancy Camenzind

I became a member of Unity in 2005 and have been involved ever since. It’s been fun to see our community grow in prosperity. I enjoy watching Unity’s business unfold with Spirit through the work of the Council. Being on the Council affords me an opportunity to serve, to work on special projects, and to be involved in the decision-making for our spiritual community. I look forward to another three years.


Vice-Chair: Mark Delaplane

I am a 60 year old retired Army officer, Washington State employee and a parent of two beautiful children; Nicholas, 18 and Katheryn (Katie), 13. God-given talents for which I have a passion include art, photography, music, technology and writing. I play the clarinet and Native American flute, enjoy landscape photography and digital painting. I am currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) Certificate in Creative Writing. My children re-energized my spiritual path sixteen years ago. Feeling led to provide Nicholas exposure to spiritual practices, I sought a spiritual home that would provide such exposure. In the process, I tried several denominations. None felt right. Eventually Nick, I and eventually Katie attended the Unitarian Universalist Church but it still did not feel quite right. In the meantime, my father and I had been studying A Course In Miracles. I asked what church most closely aligned with ACIM. My father said he attended the Unity Church of Morrison, Colorado and found it to be completely consistent. The next Sunday I attended Unity of Olympia, continued to attend and about two years ago made the commitment to be a member.


Treasurer: Paul Swanda

I was appointed to the Unity of Olympia Council of Trustees October 1, 2020 to fill an unexpired 3-year term. Two and half years ago I was feeling unbalanced and knew that my faith life needed renewing and energizing. Vonni Carole, a friend and neighbor, suggested I try Unity of Olympia. I attended some church services with her and I realized that that this was the church for me. The religious concepts, lessons, prayers, and meditation were feeding me and making me whole again. I was renewing my faith life and being brought closer to God on my journey. I was so blessed by my fellow members of the church and Reverend Terry that I became a member and a usher at the same time. This started my service work for God and I have not looked back since. It seems that the more I do, the more I am being blessed with the gifts of Peace, Joy, and Love! I see the Divine in the members of my church everyday. 

Secretary: Betty Bailey

Interest in my spiritual journey has guided my steps from Baptist, Congregational, Episcopal, Unitarian Universalist and now, to Unity. Throughout this progression, I enjoyed reading the Course in Miracles or other metaphysically oriented books, so I was a “closet reader” throughout my young adulthood. Educational pursuits took me from CWSU, PLU and WSU, then to University of New Haven, Antioch and Salve Regina University in Northeastern United States. My most enjoyable coursework was Holistic Counseling, my least enjoyable, yet profitable was the MBA. Throughout life I’ve experienced my work as ministry and have found myself in new careers every 15 years. Careers include: hospital administration, social worker/management of human services non- profits, and currently I serve others as a real estate agent (my most favorite career to date.)

Member: Dennis Godwin

I went to Iowa State University with a major in Restaurant Management. It was on a scholarship provided by the restaurant that I was working at the time. After completing the two-year course, I enlisted in the Marine Corps for four years. It is where I learned that my passion was paperwork. After being a marine, I got a job with an insurance company on the advice of my father-in law. I loved it, but the company went under in 1985. That same year is when I got divorced and came out of the closet. It took a long time to realize who I am. In 1986 I became HIV positive which provided for a long period of growth. From 1986 to present, I have worked at the Washington State Office of Insurance Commissioner. Another one of my dream jobs. So now I am moving out of my comfort zone to be on the Council of Trustees to continue my growth. I figure that I will not pass on to the next life until I stop learning or I reach 100, whichever comes first. But, if my dad lives past 100 (he’ll be 98 this year), I’ll have to keep up with him.


Member: Dolly Hansen

My life changed because of Unity's Who have you come here to be classes.  In 2013, Idell Hansen (my birth name) went to Memphis, Tennessee to the Elvis Tribute Artist contests.  Randomly, my registration came back to Dolly Hansen.  I went by "Dolly" that week and won a raffle to be "Queen of the World" and crown the new "Elvis" king.  When I came home to the question "Who have you come here to be?"  It was obvious, I have come here to be Dolly. Since that time, I have retired for a second and moved into a mobile home in Colonial Estates.  I live with my little dog, Buddy.  My daughter and her three sons live in my former house in Lacey.  My granddaughter and great grandson live in Tacoma and another daughter and her husband live in Arkansas.  I retired from the Department Ecology in 2007, was widowed in 2009 and worked at EPA until 2014.  I am a native Washingtonian having grown up in Aberdeen.  I attended college at Oregon State University, the University of California at Irvine and Pacific Lutheran University.

Licenced Unity Teachers (Active)

Audrey Pitchford, LUT

Audrey Pitchford was raised Catholic and left organized religion for several years before finding Unity. She is currently a member at both Unity of Olympia and Unity of Centralia, and became a  Licensed Unity Teacher  in November, 2019. She has served in a variety of volunteer roles, including usher, council member, and prayer team member, and loves the learning and connection Unity provides. Audrey has over 15 years experience teaching and writing curriculum in several fields, including leadership skills, communication skills, insurance, dance and spiritual topics. She lives in Olympia with her husband, Greg.

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