Interim Services & Activities beginning March 2020


As we navigate the waters of these ever-changing times, we are all invited to take a deep breath, close our eyes and know that in the midst of this change that feels out of our control, there is calm and peace and love to be found right here... right now. In you. In us. In nature. Even though we are separated physically from one another - we are one in Spirit.

Here at Unity of Olympia we are working hard to bring healing, hope, connection and community to you to the best of our ability. It is our sincerest wish that you are able to easily access the various services and activities we are hosting during this time. We will continue to modify our programs as information, circumstances and abilities change and encourage you to read our emails and re-visit this page on our website often, as well as our Facebook and YouTube pages, to keep yourself informed as well.

The links above and at the bottom of this page will connect you to all of our services and activities during this time. We are for your continued patience and support as we work through this together.

We know that God is a Love that has no end and a Power that knows no bounds. God’s
Presence is with all humanity. Divine Intelligence is guiding and directing all people toward
their highest and best good, right now. We let go of any fears or anxieties, and we affirm that
all are wise, making healthy choices to be a blessing to all. We bless all those who support us
in maintaining vibrant radiant health. We express Divine Life in all we think, say, and do. We
bless our global family with radiant health, peace of mind, and abundant love.
Rest assured that the presence and power of the Divine is with us in this very situation. That being so, Unity of Olympia will participate in the effort for containment by:

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