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Conversation Skills Class | Mindful Meditation Yoga | Foglifters AA

Conversation Skills Class


Saturdays, July 25, August 1, 8 & 15 | 10:30a - 1:00p via Zoom | Facilitated by Audrey Pitchford, LUT

Why do some conversations go off track?  What can we do to make conversations more effective, and, more importantly enhance our relationships?  And how is this connected with Unity and our spiritual practices?  Come explore all these ideas and more!

Course Description:
Conversation Skills is a course that enhances effective communication skills to include the ability to stay in dialogue when emotions are driving us to “shout out” or “shut down.” This course provides knowledge and tools for listening, creating connection and facilitating dialogue in tough, emotional situations. The principles and models taught are aligned with spiritual practices. The class is based on the model of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which includes: taking responsibility for our own experience; commitment to increasing our awareness of our own feelings and needs as well as those of the people with whom we interact; and having the capacity to be authentic and compassionate in all circumstances.  
Recommended reading: 
"Crucial Conversations" - Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, Switzler
"Nonviolent Communication" - Marshall Rosenberg
For SEE Credit:
This course is available for Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) credit. Students must register with Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute, complete all 10 hours of the course, read the required books and complete a written assignment.

Registration is required for this class. Please click here.

Cost: $80


Mindful Consciousness Yoga


Every Tuesday, 10:00-11:15a | Facilitated by Carol Ramstack

Please Note: Classes are currently suspended until further notice.

Classes are designed for the senior body but open to all ages. We will focus on a relaxation, mindfulness, along with very gentle yoga poses; all with attention to the breath. This is a combination mat/chair class. If one is unable to safely get up and down from the floor, the practice can be done replacing the mat with a chair. Please bring your own yoga mat to each class along with any other props you use to make yourself comfortable. A small blanket or towel would be helpful.

Suggested donation: $10

Please contact Carol directly if you have any questions.