2019 Archives


December 29: Burning Bowl Ritual

Reverend Terry Murray: Release that which no longer serves us, Celebrate the year's experience, Set intentions for 2020.


December 22: Joy is Contagious

Reverend Terry Murray - Pray for joy in your life today so you can spread it around; share it with your friends and family.


December 16: Love is the Gift

Reverend Terry Murray - All gifts flow from the greatest gift of all - Divine Love.


December 8: Peace in the Midst

Reverend Terry Murray: Make the choice to Be Peace this holiday season.


December 1: Hope and Faith

Youth Sunday: The nativity story presented by the Youth Program at Unity of Olympia


November 24: An Act of Gratitude

Reverend Terry Murray. Spiritual Communion is an act of gratitude. Church in the round at Unity of Olympia.


November 17: The Blessing of the Hidden Curriculum

Audrey Pitchford, LUTWisdom from Charles, Myrtle, sleepless nights and migraine headaches.


November 10: The Heroes & Sheroes Among Us

Reverend Terry Murray: How do we honor those who have served our highest good?


November 3: Expressing Gratitude & Finding Comfort

Reverend Terry Murray: A celebration of life service.


October 27: Design Your Legacy

Reverend Terry Murray: We serve the world through service to our highest callings; by answering the call of Spirit.


October 20: Unleashing Your Imagination

Reverend Terry Murray: Through the power of the imagination, with Spirit as our guide, we have a new experience.


October 6: Building Your Skillset

Reverend Terry Murray: We are called to use the tools Spirit has already made available to us. 


September 29: Alignment

John Stringer: Realize your oneness with the Divine.


September 15: A New Perspective

Reverend Terry Murray: Transformation as the release of all that is not the truth of your expression of the Divine.


September 8: "Affirming Infinite Presence, Expressing Unlimited Potential"

Licensed Unity Teacher Candidate Audrey Pitchford & the Unity of Olympia Prayer Team


August 25: "Loaves & Fishes, Rice & Sushi"

Unity Reverend Terry Murray & Center for Spiritual Living Reverend David Robinson: Is there enough to go around? And do you have enough yet? 


July 28: "More of My True Self"

Audrey Pitchford, LUT Candidate


July 21: "On the Quest to Know and Reveal"

Audrey Pitchford, LUT Candidate


July 14: "A Dynamic Expression of God"

Audrey Pitchford, LUT Candidate


June 30: "Letting Go"

Reverend Terry Murray: We release that which no longer serves us and open to the infinite possibilities that Spirit is calling us to.


June 16: "Honoring Abba"

Reverend Terry Murray: The sacred and holy masculine is evidenced through divine strength, divine will and divine love.