Upcoming Sunday Talks


January 1 – Burning Bowl Ceremony

January 8 – White Stone Ceremony with Rev Sherry Schultz

January 15 – Living the Dream

January 22 – What’s Real Anyway?

January 29 – The Power of Connection


February 5 – A Transformative Experience

Aaron English, Terri Charles

Sammy, The Music Team

Sammy, The Music Team

Steve Mazepa, Terri Charles

Sammy, The Music Team

Stephanie, Terri Charles

Stephanie, Terri Charles, Sherrie Lee

David Rhys-Johnson


May 7 | “Connection,” Reverend Marla Mason                                                                 Music with Lauri Jones


May 14 | “Mother of Compassion” Reverend Terry                                                           Music: Rock ‘n Roll Sunday


May 21 | “The Family That Prays Together” with Rev Terry                                              Music with the U of O Choir

May 28 | “Reach for the Stars” with Rev Terry                                                                  Music with Scott Farrell



June 4th – “Lucid Dreaming” with Gillian Thetford                                                             Music: Elliot Weeks

June 11th – Rev Terry                                                                                                        Music: Sherrie Lee

June 18th – Rev Terry  Father’s Day                                                                                  Music: Unity of Olympia Choir


June 25th – Prosperity & schools out


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