Upcoming Sunday Services

You are welcome here! Please join us for a Sunday Service soon - 10:00am

April 1: Rise and Shine Reverend Terry Murray - This Easter we welcome the resurrection of the Christ presence in every one of us!

April 8: Sowing Seeds Reverend Terry Murray - Our thoughts, words and actions are seeds that will bring forth the harvest. Choose your seeds wisely.

April 15: Render unto Caesar Reverend Terry Murray - As spiritual beings living a human experience, we recognize that it all belongs to God.

April 22: Simple Blessings Reverend Terry Murray - The search for an experience of gratitude turns out to be more important than the object of our thanksgiving.

April 29: One Body in Christ Reverend Terry Murray - Living into the fullness of our community’s mission, we recognize the Oneness of Spirit in all people and all things.

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