Our Curricula

Our current curriculum is focusing on the 12 Powers as defined by Unity. The purpose of this curriculum is to assist our children in exploring the 12 Powers of Man and how to use their powers to create an empowered life.

With these lessons our goal is to help children

  • Understand how the 12 Powers are definied by Unity
  • Recognize how each of the Powers already show up in their lives
  • Discover tools that will help them draw forth the fullest expression of each Power
  • Understand the benefit of making empowered choices that lead to living a conscious life

Our teachers set up the age-appropriate classroom environments to be places where children feel safe, heard and engaged so that learning can happen. We begin with Sacred Circles where we bring the class together and invite the children to take part in activities that help us to get to know each other. This is followed by Bible stories as well as contemporary stories that reflect our 12 Powers which are used to create a common experience across the age levels. From there they are invited to explore how the Power is showing up in their lives and the world around them. Finally they move into Creation Stations where there is opportunity to explore what the Power means to them through the use of art, science and/or games as well as free-play time.