Music Team

Our music team, guided by our Music Director Ted Clark, brings a wide variety of music to our Sunday morning experience, from old standards to New Thought music, and Eastern chants to instrumentals. We believe that music is a communal activity by which we experience the Divine in mind and heart, body and soul.
The depth and breadth of musical talent displayed by the members of our music ministry make our Sunday Celebrations truly inspiring. In addition to the gifts shared by our own house musicians, we offer an extensive line-up of very special guest performers to create services you won't want to miss.
Have a listen! Unity of Olympia's congregation singing our Peace Song that closes every service.
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Music Team

Janene Cummings

My first impressions of music was birthed in a small, country church in the 1960's. Even as a toddler, I was in awe of just how much power music held. 

At the age of 3, I had a "knowing" that I could teach myself to play. And sure enough, when I was 8, with the help of an instructional dream, my journey began. 

The middle child of three girls, we sang harmony at an early age and found that music was some of the best medicine we'd come across. As I began to accompany us on piano, our repertoire finally grew beyond the key of "C." Lol 

I'd wind up playing in bands for many years in eastern Washington where I grew up and then finally, after my partner passed in 2011 stumbled into "vocal sound healing." At this time, I was guided to tailor my own brand of singing, song-writing and piano playing into music that soothed the Soul. It was then that my music would travel beyond entertainment and into the realm of self, sound-healing. 

After writing over 50 mantras and starting the "Divine Nurturer" YouTube channel, I was blessed to be asked to join Unity of Olympia-- it's here that my music has found a home. It's here that I'm honored to say, I've landed among the presence of such an amazing group! 

Here's what I know-- music is an immediate, emotional transformer and our "family choir" at Unity of Olympia brings harmonious heart & soul to each and every service! 


Terri Charles

My passion is singing and my dharma is leading others in song/music-making.  Along with dancing and acting, I'm a life-long musical artist who has sought out stages since toddlerhood.  I've sung in choirs from elementary school through college and have sung, taught music classes and individual Voice, directed choirs, and written a few songs throughout  adulthood.  For years I was known in the Olympia community as "Teacher Terri," teaching fundamentals of music and movement to littles and their adults in my program, "Music With TLC," and later teaching Kindergarten through Fifth grade Music at an independent school.  

A regular performer in musicals with Olympia Family Theater for several years (as well as doing a bit of professional acting), I have now moved into a role as more of a musical vessel - I'm very comfortable with an audience but make it my mission to actively involve them in music-making in a soulful way.  Music moves through me with grace, especially when I'm teamed up with other dynamic musicians whose professionalism is coupled with heart-centeredness.   

I delight in regularly leading songs at Unity of Olympia, serving as a vessel of Spirit.  Come sing with us on Sundays!



Love to sing? Join the Unity of Olympia Choir! No experience needed.

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Choir Director: Victoria Loveland

Victoria Loveland has music published on, Itunes, Amazon and CDbaby.  And has studied songwriting under Buddy Kaye, who wrote for Sesame Street and Pamela Oland Phillips who has written for Whitney Houston, etc.  She has studied singing under coaches such as the late Jeanne Deva, Elizabeth Bossard and Kris Ciesinski.  Victoria is new to Unity and excited to explore New Thought Music with the Unity Community.


Note from our Choir Director:

Aloha Beautiful Singing Unity folks!  Unity Choir will begin rehearsals for the Annual Unity BBQ/ Luau on Tuesday, July 9th at 7pm and will continue practicing on Tuesday evenings until our performance on August 25th. 

We will be singing some challenging rhythms, an original composition from Victoria Loveland and music from Moana. All levels of Singing are welcome. Lets make inspiring Aloha music together!

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