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Unity of Olympia hosts many regular meetings, classes and events as well as a variety of workshops throughout the year. Please check this page frequently to see what is happening.

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Appreciative Inquiry Process


The Appreciative Inquiry Process is one in which a community takes stock of what’s going right. It’s an opportunity to look back on the last several years and take an inventory of sorts to help determine the future direction for our leadership. It’s also the process by which a community gains clarity about what we value most highly and our reason for being. This is a three part process:

  • Interviews with members to gather information
  • Community Summit to confirm Values and determine the Mission
  • Creation (or renewal) of Strategic Plan

Appreciative Inquiry Interview training was held on October 21st to the volunteers who will be conducting the interviews. If you are a member of Unity of Olympia, expect a phone call. Input from all in our community is very valuable! If you have any questions, please contact the office here.

Meditations for Quantum Activism | Facilitated by Jewell Hemanway

Let’s raise the vibe as we move through the shortest days of the year! We will participate in a guided meditation, called Project Coherence, by Dr. Joe Dispenza. The purpose of the meditation is “raising the Earth’s electromagnetic field” to provide peace and healing for our world. No meditation experience necessary, just come and feel good. The explanation is 20 minutes. The meditation itself is 43 minutes in length. We will be placing our positive focus on our world. If you have not done Dispenza meditations before, this is a great way to be introduced. We will introduce "the Breath" used in many of his meditations prior to starting and answer any questions. All are welcome!

February 17th The Pineal Gland full version (5:30-8:00 PM)
We will participate in all of the guided meditation, called The Pineal Gland, by Dr. Joe Dispenza. No experience necessary. The first part of this meditation is for balancing and aligning the energy centers.  The last portion focusing in the “breath”, kundalini and Pineal Gland. If you not done Dispenza meditations before this Might not be the best way to begin. The meditation is an hour and 24 minutes by itself.
March 3rd Space Time, Time Space Meditation (5:30-7:00PM)
This is one of my favorite guided meditations by Dr. Joe Dispenza. The purpose of the meditation is to get your brain into the alpha/theta state and for me it has been fairly successful.  It is an hour and ten minutes in length.
March 17th Fans of Dr. Joe Dispenza and Other Modern Masters Meetup and Share (5:00-7:00PM)
Come and share your journey and meditation practice. How can we best support each other? Ideas and plans to take us into our future.
You all have been so accommodating in listening and trying my favorite meditations, I am excited for you to share your favorite meditations/practices. Are you feeling challenged and would like support? How can we create the best story for our future and drop the stories of the past? Are there other masters you would like to explore?


Johanna Beekman Playshop

February 24 | 2:00-4:00p | Facilitated by Johanna Beekman

This playshop is an upbeat, playful exploration of the human voice for everyone. Johanna gently guides participants to unlearn their ideas about singing in order to uncover their own unique voices. Together we'll create and explore light-hearted chants and harmonies, just for the joy and freedom of it. No previous singing or chanting experience is needed.

TICKETS | $15 in advance | $20 at the door.

Click here for a video link of Johanna at Shakti Fest 2017.



Kirtan with Shantala

March 2 | 7:00-9:00p | Facilitated by Ronny Temple

Please join us for the return of Shantala: Benjy & Heather Wertheimer, to Olympia. This evening of sacred music and chanting also features a stellar ensemble including Steve Gorn and Sean Frenette.  Please join us.

Advance Tickets $15 /$20 after Feb 28. 



Tiny Homes Town Hall Meeting #2

March 3 | 11:45a | Facilitated by Reverend Terry Murray

Join us for our 2nd Town Hall Meeting regarding the investigation into placing Tiny Homes on the Unity of Olympia property. A committee has been formed to further the investiagtion after our 1st Town Hall Meeting, though as of yet, no decisions have been made. Keith Stahley, the Olympia Planning Director, has agreed to join this meeting. Please come, share your knowledge, thoughts, opinions and concerns as we continue to process and see if this is right for our community.


Unconditional Giving - Toy and Clothing Swap

March 9 | 10:00a-12:00p | Facilitated by Indira Goins (Please note: the February 16th Swap has been cancelled due to weather)

Empowering families and giving back to the community. This monthly swap meet is intended to keep goods for parents and children in circulation and help to continue the useful life of items families need. Bring your pre-separated, pre-loved/used clean clothing, toys, and small housewares to Unity of Olympia and stay to take home new-to-you items brought by others. Any items left over will be donated to Family Education and Support Services. Click here for more information.


Health by the Numbers

March 16 | 9:00a-12:00p | Facilitated by Mary Ellen Psaltis

Is there a way to quantify well-being? What are your numbers? Together we will use the morning to take stock of the many measurements of health – beyond your height and weight. What are important indicators of blood work? How many vegetables do your really need? How diverse is your biome? How much sugar is OK in a day? We will have fun, take measurements and strategize next steps. It is important to know where you are in order to move ahead. Bring a friend. Bring questions. Bring your willingness. Sign-up in the lobby or email


Come Home to Unity Village

May 22 - 28, 2019 | Facilitated by Reverend Terry Murrah

Join us as we venture together to visit Unity Village in Kansas City, MO. Please indicate your interest via the sign-up sheet or by emailing and you will receive a phone call to answer any questions you may have.